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At Simpson Dental Associates, we utilize CT Scanning technology before we create treatment plans involving placing dental implants. We do this because the scan shows us the width, depth, and height of the bone, which is impossible to do with conventional x-rays alone. The scan gives us a 3D image that we can work from giving us the information we can get no other way. The CT scan also shows us where to place the implants and reduces any possible placement errors. One of the main reasons a lot of dentists don’t place implants is simply because of the fear of complications arising. Therefore, we use the latest CT scanning technology; it greatly reduces complications from arising because it helps us visualize your case before we even start your treatment. We have been using this advanced technology for more than 15 years and are now on our second machine, the Carestream 9300. This is one of the most advanced machines available today. If you have any questions or are thinking about getting implants placed, please call our office at 304-342-6162.