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Dental lasers are the new-and-improved dental technology that assist with many different types of treatments and help patients feel more comfortable and safe in the dental chair. They are small, hand-held tools that produce energy in the form of a light, and dentists generally use them for:

· Tooth decay removal: The laser can easily remove the decay from your tooth and can also prepare your tooth for the dental filling that will restore its health.
· Gum treatment: The laser can reshape the gums after they have moved away from the teeth. This will improve the health and appearance of your smile.
· Root canal therapy: The laser can kill the bacteria in and around the area that is being worked on, which reduces the chance of infection.
· Biopsy: The laser can remove a small section of your oral tissue so your dentist can examine it for oral cancer.
· Lesion removal: The laser can remove lesions from your mouth and it can also reduce the pain of a canker sore.

Lasers can be used as a cutting instrument and they can vaporize tissue. They can also help strengthen the bond between a tooth and dental filling and they can quicken the process of teeth whitening in the office.

When it comes to the benefits of dental lasers, there are many. First, they can help reduce the pain patients experience during treatment, which also means that the need for anesthesia is reduced. Second, they can reduce anxiety in patients because they replace the need for the dental drill. Third, they reduce the bleeding and swelling during soft tissue treatments. Fourth, they preserve more of a healthy tooth during tooth decay removal.

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