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Halitosis, another word for bad breath, can often be caused by the foods and drinks we consume regularly. Whether the cause is direct or indirect, the result is very similar. We can point out some of the offenders and explain what you can do to solve the issue.

Foods that have a strong smell, like garlic and onions, are very obvious culprits. While they can taste good to some people, it is undeniable that they can decrease the quality of your breath.

Other sources of halitosis are foods that contain no small amount of sugar. Sugar can stick to your teeth, and it rots, unfortunately. Rotting is never good for the smell of anything.

Also, sugar draws the attention of the bacteria in your mouth. When they feast on sugar, they create some acids that can cause tooth decay and bad breath too.

Coffee and alcoholic beverages are among this halitosis gallery too. Apart from the smell they bring on their own, they can also dehydrate you to an extent. Dehydration lessens saliva production, and saliva is useful for removing foods and acids, so bad breath increases.

Here are some ways you can combat halitosis that is caused by these foods and drinks. Though we know it is obvious, we reiterate that cutting back on such foodstuffs reduces the problem. When you do consume them, brushing and flossing immediately afterward can keep your breath fresh. For a little extra assistance, you can use an antibacterial mouthwash as part of your oral health routine.

To deal with dehydration, drink water. Alternating between drinking coffee/alcohol and water increases saliva production, so it can do its duty.

If your bad breath persists even if you keep a strict oral health routine, then come visit our dentists, Dr. Mark Simpson, and Dr. Christen Simpson, for some help. You can find us at Simpson Dental PLLC in Charleston, West Virginia. You can reach our office by dialing 304-342-6162.