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If you want a top-notch oral health and smile, then a dental bridge might be the right restoration for you. To find out if this is true, it’s best to call our office and schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Mark Simpson. During your appointment, he will examine your smile, determine your needs, and find out if this treatment can benefit you. Until your appointment, our dental team is happy to tell you a little more about this dental restoration. A dental bridge can do many things for you. In fact, it can:

-Replace your missing teeth and fill the gap in your mouth

-Boost the health and beauty of your smile

-Help you properly chew and speak

-Preserve the shape of your face

-Give you the force you need in your bite

-Keep the surrounding teeth in the proper position (The teeth tend to shift if there are gaps in the smile)

-Give you a smile you’re proud of, which can limit embarrassing moments

-Help you perform daily tasks easier, like eating, laughing, and even socializing

Call Simpson Dental PLLC today at 304-342-6162 if you have any questions or if you would like to know more. Our dental team will be more than happy to tell you all about dental bridges in Charleston, West Virginia, so please don’t be hesitant to contact us. We look forward to hearing from and helping you!