One of the leading dental magazines, Dental Products Report, publishes an
annual article on the Top 25 Women in Dentistry in the USA. These are women
who have made a significant contribution to dentistry that recognizes them
as leaders in the industry.

To have a staff member selected as a recipient is an honor for the staff
member and the dental office they represent. Simpson Dental PLLC has
had not one or two, but four ladies selected as dental industry leaders in
the last seven years.

Judy Maynor, our head laboratory technician, was recognized due to a broad
range of skills, including laser welding, Cad Cam ceramics, porcelain
design and coloration. Her advancement of the “Teeth in a Day Protocol” has
allowed patients the ability to receive complex comprehensive care in a
single day. Judy was one of the Top 25 Women in 2010. She has 32 years with
Simpson Dental PLLC.




Tammy Beasley was chosen as one of the Top 25 Women in 2012. Tammy has been with Simpson Dental PLLC for 41 years. Tammy is the patient care
coordinator and a treatment specialist. Her many years of experience
helping people to get the care they need has been recognized by Dental
Products Report. Patients have a strong bond to Tammy and feel confident
with her advice.





Tracey Prouse was selected after 20 years with Simpson Dental PLLC.
She specializes in ceramics and dentures. Her great eye for color and
balance help to create thousands of beautiful smiles. She made the Top 25
Women in 2015.






In 2018, Jessica Proctor was selected to the elite group of women in
dentistry. She is a Cad Cam expert, implant specialist and implant parts
expert. Her vast knowledge of Cad Cam design and manufacturing has made her
a leader in her field. If you need any advice on dental implants, she is
the go-to person. Jessica has been with Simpson Dental PLLC for 17





Simpson Dental PLLC is the only office in the United States that has
four women selected as the Top 25 Women in Dentistry. We are proud to have
these ladies on our team of experts delivering the highest quality of care
available. Thank you ladies.