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We have one of the most technologically advanced dental offices in not only
the state, but in the world. Far more advanced than any other office in
West Virginia. We are very excited to be able to provide our customers with
the best care available.

We have the most advanced dental laser, the Solea CO2 – this allows us to
treat decay and gum disease often without numbing so our patients can have
comfortable and efficient treatment. This is the only laser of this kind in
West Virginia.

Other CO2 lasers are specific for surgery and gum disease providing
quicker, more comfortable treatment and much quicker, more comfortable
healing. We use 3 additional CO2 lasers.

We have the most advanced dental CT scanner in the industry, providing the
highest quality 3D images for our diagnostic and implant planning. We have
used this type of technology for 15 plus years and we’re the first in the
state to have it. This technology revolutionized implant dentistry.

Piezo technology is used in the treatment of gum disease non-surgically as
well as an aid in implant placement and even the most advanced way of removing
teeth in the most comfortable way.

Another one of our most amazing technologies is the CEREC-In-Lab Cad Cam
System. By taking 3D digital images, we are able to design and manufacture
beautiful new teeth out of solid ceramic to perfectly match or remake your

Again, we are the only dental office in the state to have this
revolutionary new technology to create beautiful smiles, often in as little
as one day.