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Teeth in a Day sounds like the latest and greatest thing. It is, the only thing is that we have been doing it for years; twenty-some years to be exact.

Let me tell you what it is and what it is not. If you are missing an entire arch of teeth, then in most cases we will place 5-7 implants and attach an entire arch of teeth in one day. A few days of planning is generally needed prior to the “Teeth in a Day”.

The reason this works is that you have multiple implants and cross arch stabilization. In other words, there are implants spread out across the entire arch so one side helps stabilize the other side.

If you are missing just one tooth, there are several factors that determine what is best. It depends on which tooth is missing, the quality of the bone, and the condition of the other teeth. Most often with a single tooth we prefer to have a temporary in the area where the implant is, then wait a few months to place the final restoration. This allows for integration of the implant prior to attaching the final tooth.

In certain circumstances, we can place a single implant and connect a tooth to it in one day. The decision is based on the quantity and quality of bone and the location in your mouth. No matter which path is best, we will be sure you always have teeth. Your smile is important to us. We know it’s important to you. We want to select the plan that is best for you in the long run.