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Be More Confident about Your Smile with Restorative Dentures

Doctors Mark and Christen Simpson know the importance of helping each patient retain the appearance and use of their teeth as much as possible. They can help you retain a more normal visual aspect, and help you chew, speak, and smile with ease and confidence when you visit them for dentures in Charleston, West Virginia. We invite you to call our office to learn more about how we can restore your smile with dentures.

Dentures…In Harmony to Provide Form and Function

Dentures can be made in several ways, utilizing a wide variety of materials and techniques. Because not all dentures are created equally, we strive to use the finest materials and best techniques to create the closest image of natural teeth possible. Teeth (and dentures) need to function in harmony with joints and muscles to give a balanced, natural appearance as well as aid clear speech and the proper chewing of food.

Close to Natural Teeth, Restoring Use and Confidence

Dentures are a quality set of teeth that are as close to natural teeth as possible in both function and appearance. They are, of course, supported by the bone and soft tissues of the mouth. Natural teeth support this bone and tissue as they are attached to the jawbone.

Once teeth are lost, this bone begins shrinking away in a process that continues for the rest of your life. This shrinkage, or ‘resorption’ of the bone, often causes a number of adjustments to be made to traditional dentures. To help minimize resorption and stabilize the bone, dental implants can be used. Using the right denture helps restore use of teeth and returns your confident smile.

Find out more on our IMPLANT-SUPPORTED DENTURES page. The use of dental implants as part of the denture process allows Dr. Simpson to provide patients with supportive replacements that are provided at the time teeth are extracted. This process is often the best answer for many patients who face tooth loss.

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