No Need to Compromise Your Smile in Charleston, WV

We understand that when you lose one or more teeth, your smile is compromised. The loss or removal of one or multiple teeth has a significant impact on your oral health and functionality, the appearance of your smile, and even the volume and shape of your face – not to mention your self-esteem. There is no need to compromise your smile if you are in the Charleston, WV area! To restore your smile and regain your self-confidence, our dentists offer tooth replacements and denture service at Simpson Dental PLLC.

Advanced Technology Restores Lost Teeth in One Day!

By utilizing a variety of advanced technology such as CT cone beam scanners, CAD-CAM design and manufacturing, CO2 laser, Piezo surgery, and microsurgery techniques, you often can have your teeth in as little as one day. From a single-tooth crown or veneer to full arch implant reconstruction, certain cases lend themselves to utilizing this advanced technology. In just one day, you will be able to chew and eat comfortably, speak normally, and smile confidently once again.

Implant-Supported Teeth in One Appointment

If you are missing one or more—or even all—of your teeth, we can provide a replacement in as little as one day. Every situation is unique, so talk to one of our doctors to determine what is best for your particular needs.

When we are able to splint several implants together with a bridge or a hybrid prosthesis, this allows immediate loading in certain situations. Meet with one of our dentists to review your CT scan to determine if you are a candidate for implant-supported teeth-in-a-day.

Implant-supported teeth in one appointment is a different option for patients than dentures-in-a-day, depending on the dental situation and the patient’s desires.

High-Quality Care With Experience at Simpson Dental PLLC

Drs. Mark and Christen Simpson will make certain that you receive the gentle, high-quality care you need for a smile that is complete, functional, healthy, and attractive once again. Our highly trained and phenomenally skilled dentists and team can evaluate your case to see if you are a candidate for implant dentures.

For more information about restoring your teeth in a day in Charleston, West Virginia, call Simpson Dental PLLC at (304) 342-6162, or schedule your appointment online with Drs. Mark and Christen Simpson today. We are eager to restore your smile!

Be sure to check Simpson Dental’s FAQ page for answers to the most frequently asked questions on implants!