Teeth can become endodontically involved for a number of reasons; the most common are decay and trauma. A tooth can require endodontics, and we may not know the exact cause, but the most common is infection that may go undetected. Regardless of the cause, our dentists must treat the tooth in order to save it.

Trust Simpson Dental to Get To the “Root” of Problem Teeth

Did you know that patients in more than four states trust the professionals at Simpson Dental to get to the “root” of problem teeth? Doctors Mark and Christen Simpson utilize advanced technology that allows them to provide care efficiently, which saves our patients time and money as they get the most expert treatment available in the area.

Get to Know Endodontics, from the Inside-Out

Endodontics is not some type of ancient dinosaur—get to know endodontics from the inside out by getting your state-of-the-art care at Simpson Dental PLLC. Our office in Charleston, WV is outfitted with the most modern technology for success and your comfort.

Major advancements in recent years offer remarkable results. Work that was formerly done by hand is now automated, resulting in a more efficient delivery of care that is much more predictable and comfortable. We are able to save teeth that in the past were lost due to decay or injury. If we are unable to save a tooth, we can use a dental implant in its place under most circumstances.

Effective Dental Care with Your Comfort in Mind

You will be comfortable while Drs. Mark and Christen Simpson quickly treat your root canal so we can help you keep your teeth and your smile. We provide the most effective dental care, with your comfort in mind. Our number one goal is your comfort!

Superior Endodontic Care for Patients in WV, VA, KY, & OH

Working closely with the dentist can mean that we will keep you comfortable while getting endodontic treatment. Delaying care for an abscessed tooth can lead to gum swelling and discomfort. This can happen with teeth that have had an untreated infection for a long time.

Delaying proper care always complicates treatment. Like Dr. Mark always tells his patients, “If you have a leak in your roof, waiting only makes it more expensive and harder to correct. If you think quality care is expensive, try neglect.”

The moral to the story is to get treatment early on a tooth that is compromised. You will save your teeth, your time, and your money! Patients in WV, VA, KY, & OH trust Simpson Dental for superior endodontic care.

Apicoectomy or Surgical Endodontics

On a rare occasion, a tooth with a root canal can become re-infected. This could be caused by a defective restoration or leaking. This is usually resolved by a minor surgical procedure called an apicoectomy. Surgical endodontics is performed to reseal the apex of the root. Often, the restoration may need to be replaced.

For more information about getting a root canal or endodontic therapy in Charleston, West Virginia, we welcome you to contact Drs. Mark and Christen Simpson in Charleston, West Virginia at (304) 342-6162, and to schedule your appointment with our friendly team.