Ensure Really Clean Teeth for Your Children

Simpson Dental PLLC makes Teeth Cleaning easy for you and your children. Every parent knows the importance of caring for teeth early and that good dental hygiene promotes a healthy smile that lasts. Ensure really clean teeth for your children, with the caring staff at our dental office in Charleston, WV.

Kid Care at Simpson Dental …We Make It Fun!

Prevention and early detection of cavities or other teeth problems are the keys to a healthy smile! That is why establishing a positive relationship with our youngest patients is a top priority. This early contact helps guide the proper habits needed to ensure a lifetime of beautiful smiles.

Bring your young child in for our free “Smile” visit. We’ll let them ride in the dental chair, look at our instruments, have their picture taken, and pick out a special prize from our treasure chest! Should your child require additional care, Drs. Mark and Christen Simpson will explain and show them everything so they know what to expect.

Teens Receive Outstanding Dental Care at Simpson Dental

The teen years can be difficult to manage, even without the burden of an unattractive smile. Various changes in the early teen years can lead to misaligned permanent teeth, with bite patterns that inhibit smiles and reduce confidence. Turn those problems around, with advancements in modern dentistry available at Simpson Dental. Our teen patients share outstanding care that can produce beautiful smiles for a lifetime.

Dentists Mark and Christen Simpson carefully design treatment programs for each young patient, keeping in mind today’s active lifestyles. We also protect healthy smiles by providing protective mouth gear for skiers, football players, gymnasts, and other active young people. As young people grow into healthy adults, keep coming back to Simpson Dental for continued, outstanding care.

Adults, Too—Simpson Dental is for You!

Healthy teeth and gums are the foundation to your overall health, especially as adults. Regular check-ups are the key to a healthy mouth, as well as overall physical health at every age. Early detection of disease is your best way to control your dental budget.

We Have the Technology AND Compassion at Simpson Dental

Using state-of-the-art technology, such as the laser cavity detector, Carbon Dioxide Laser, and the Piezo® Ultrasonic Scaler, Simpson Dental PLLC can ensure efficient, comfortable care. We recommend that you visit our dentists for a routine teeth cleaning in Charleston, West Virginia, at least once every six months to keep your smile in good health.

Healthy Smiles Made Easy with Early Detection

Common, yet serious, adult oral health problems such as gum disease and oral cancer, can be detected early with routine screenings. Oral cancer screenings are an essential part of your oral health evaluation. We utilize the VELscope® oral cancer detecting tool to help us uncover questionable lesions.

Finding those areas in the mouth that are susceptible to cancer growth are just one aspect of the cutting-edge care at Simpson Dental PLLC. Catching these oral lesions early is the key to effective treatment since these cells can progress rapidly. However, when detected early, oral cancer can often be successfully treated.

Gifted in Getting Rid of Gum Disease

Our talented dentists and care team are especially gifted at getting rid of gum disease. It is what we do every day, because there are direct, scientific links between common gum disease and other systemic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, premature low birth-weight babies, and strokes. It is important to maintain regular visits for your oral health and overall health.

Bacterial testing determines proper bacterial levels help to treat gum disease more effectively. Laser treatment has been very effective when combined with traditional therapy. Preventing disease is our goal, so that both your smile and your overall well-being stay at an optimal level.

For more information about early dental care, professional cleanings, exams, oral cancer screenings, and periodontal treatment, we invite you to contact Drs. Mark and Christen Simpson in Charleston, West Virginia at (304) 342-6162, and to schedule your appointment with our friendly team. We look forward to caring for your entire family!