Drs. Mark and Christen Simpson are committed to providing each patient the high-quality, personalized dental care they need for a happier, healthier smile. We invite you to read our reviews and view our video testimonials to discover what our patients think of their visits with our dentists in Charleston, West Virginia. To learn more and to set up your family’s next visit to our office, we welcome you to contact us today at Simpson Dental PLLC!

Written Testimonials

  • I took skating lessons from Dr. Mark in Kettering, Oh back (waaaay back) in ‘76-77. Great to see him so successful! – Claudette
  • Wow! What a great website and it must be wonderful for Dr. Mark and Dr. Christen to be practicing together…carrying on the family tradition. – Angie
  • It is great to know that Simpson Dental PLLC provides quality care for the people of West Virginia. We are fortunate to have you guys. Thank you for your service. – Ben
  • Thanks to Dr. Christen and Tammy 2 I have a whole new look at going to the dentist. After many years of not going I finally got the nerve to do it thanks to the receptionist that took my first phone call. The experience was great and they were so nice to me. I now have more self confidence about my every day walk in life. Thanks again; you girls are great. – Ron
  • I saw Dr. Christen on the news and I need a new dentist. It seems like the doctors at Simpson Dental PLLC know what they are talking about. I cannot wait to become a new patient. You guys have inspired me to get a healthy smile in 2010. – Sam
  • I am impressed with everything I hear about Simpson Dental PLLC. Cannot wait to be a patient. – Mel
  • I am a professional and need a new smile. I know that you guys can help me achieve my goals. I am looking forward to my new smile. – Claudia
  • Simpson Dental PLLC are supplying very good quality dental treatment. That is needed to give proper treatment. – Austin
  • I see your advertisement everywhere. I am very impressed with the quality of your advertisement so I am confident your dental work is outstanding. I am looking forward to being a patient at Simpson Dental PLLC. – Paul
  • Positively the best dental appointment I have ever had. The staff was friendly and very pleasant. They took me on a walk through showing me where I would be getting my CT scan and saw the lab which I think is wonderful to have right there. The examination was very thorough. Everything was explained to where you definitely understood it. Dr. Mark Simpson was great as well as his staff. Would highly recommend Simpson Dental PLLC. – Michelle
  • I had terrible teeth and was scared to death of the dentist. Dr. Mark fixed my whole mouth and now I don’t mind going to the dentist. The awesome staff treats you like family and has helped me so much. – Becky

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