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Many people have anxiety about going to the dentist. They may have had a negative experience in the past or feel uncomfortable in the dentist’s chair. To ensure that your experience at Simpson Dental PLLC is as positive as possible, we offer a variety of sedation dentistry options to help you relax and feel your best.

Some people think sedation means being unconscious, but it is more about achieving calm. To that end, we utilize spa dentistry to make our patients comfortable. We supply headphones so you can listen to your favorite music instead of drills and brushes. We also give you warm neck wraps and burn aromatherapy candles around the office. A peaceful environment goes a long way toward calming nerves.

If you feel that you need more aid relaxing, we offer more traditional sedation techniques. This includes a medication to take the night before to ensure a good night’s sleep and a companion to accompany you to your appointment. Your doctor will administer another sedative during your procedure. You will remain conscious but won’t remember much of your treatment. You should arrange to not drive until the sedative is completely worn off.

Don’t let anxiety or fear of discomfort prevent you from receiving the dental care you deserve. Sedation dentistry provides us with powerful tools to help every one of our patients feel at ease. Please call our Charleston, WV, office at 304-342-6162 with any questions about sedation dentistry or to schedule your appointment today.