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To help better assist with your oral health care and complex procedures at the dental office, you may be required to implement a sedative. Sedations are helpful for making sure that you do not receive any pain while complex procedures are implemented, which could include several different levels of restorations or repairs as needed. In some cases, a sedative can even put you to sleep to ensure that you will feel no pain at all.

Without sedation, several oral health treatments and procedures would be much more difficult to implement. Receiving your treatment pain-free is often essential so that the finer details can be worked out without any complaints from the patient. Several levels of sedation exist from mild relaxants up to periods of deep sleep.

One of the most common forms of sedation is through gas sedation known as laughing gas. Laughing gas consists of nitrous oxide and oxygen to put a patient into a calmed and relaxed state. For a slightly deeper level of sedation, oral sedation has proven to be effective. Oral sedation requires an individual to ingest a pill up to an hour before an oral health care procedure as it takes a long time to kick in.

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