Cracked Teeth

Cracked tooth syndrome can be one of the most difficult diagnoses in dentistry. A crack in a tooth can be visible with the naked eye, but often times it is not. It can show up on a radiograph, but often not. I liken it to a cracked china plate; when... Read more »

Traveling with Sugarless Gum

This summer while you are on vacation or traveling make sure to bring with you a pack of sugarless gum. Often during vacation or traveling, you might not have time to brush your teeth. Although it does not replace brushing, chewing sugarless gum can help you keep your mouth clean... Read more »

Caring for Your Oral Health With Mouthwash

Have you ever thought about the risks of mouthwash and what you can do to keep your teeth and gums in good shape? Mouthwash is a product that is typically used as a supplemental cleaning tool to rinse away debris and bacteria in your mouth. If mouthwash is not used... Read more »

Dentistry Improvements: Teenage Dentistry

Are you familiar with teenage dentistry and the risks that come with it? If you routinely find your smile at risk for dental damage, you may want to seek out various treatment options to help keep your smile safe. This is especially true during your teen years when your teeth... Read more »

Your Smile and Dental Bonding

Are you in need of a tooth restoration treatment in the form of a dental bonding? If you're looking for an effective tooth restoration treatment to repair any damage to the surface of a tooth, dental bonding treatments are highly effective options. Because dental bonding has several different benefits they... Read more »

Reassess Your Oral Health with Sedation Dentistry

To help better assist with your oral health care and complex procedures at the dental office, you may be required to implement a sedative. Sedations are helpful for making sure that you do not receive any pain while complex procedures are implemented, which could include several different levels of restorations... Read more »

Teeth, Gums, and Dental Erosion and Cavity Prevention

In order to best prepare your smile for a lifetime of oral health happiness, it's always a good idea to have a prevention plan in place for any additional risks that may arrive. Most often, individuals are at an extreme vulnerability and susceptibility to dental erosion. If you find yourself... Read more »

What Foods Cause Bad Breath?

Halitosis, another word for bad breath, can often be caused by the foods and drinks we consume regularly. Whether the cause is direct or indirect, the result is very similar. We can point out some of the offenders and explain what you can do to solve the issue. Foods that... Read more »

High-Tech Dentistry with Lasers

No longer a thing of science fiction, modern day dentists now use lasers in their work. The intense beam of light can cut like a sharp knife, sterilize, and cauterize the wound at the same time. Lasers can remove oral tissue or reshape it. Lasers are even used to whiten... Read more »

Denture Adhesive Can Help Your Denture Fit Firmly

If you are getting dentures, your dentist will take a careful impression of your teeth or gums. This will be used in the design of your dentures. A good fit will ensure that your removable dental appliance will fit firmly in place on its own. Over the years, the shape... Read more »