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Did you know that high-intensity lasers are used in dental procedures ranging from cancer screen tests to tooth whitening? For over 2 decades, lasers have found their way into a variety of dental procedures and are quickly becoming more and more popular. They are safe and effective and can cut the time down on treatments dramatically.

One of the most common uses for lasers is to assist with teeth whiteners. For professional whitening treatments, many times a gel is applied to your teeth. With the help of a laser, the ingredients in the gel can be activated to dive deep into a tooth and remove stains yet leave the tooth unharmed.

Dental lasers are also prominent in cancer biopsies. An oral cancer biopsy requires removal a piece of tissue to determine if cancer is prevalent. With a laser, dentists can easily remove a small amount of your inner mouth tissue for the screening. In addition, lasers can also be used to remove any abnormalities from your gum tissue such as lesions or sores that could become infected.

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