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Our teeth are strong, reliable oral tools that are meant to last a lifetime, but that can quickly change if we don’t take great care of our pearly white chompers. In addition to attending our six month checkups and participating in a daily oral hygiene routine, eating the right foods keeps your smile healthy and strong, and we are happy to help you care for your teeth by listing the best and worst foods for your smile.

The best foods and drinks for your teeth

• Meat
• Cheese
• Milk
• Nuts
• Water
• Firm and crunchy fruits
• Sugar substitutes
• Vegetables
• Sugar-free products

The worst foods and drinks for your teeth

• Cake
• Cookies
• Candy, like lollipops, hard candies, and mints
• Muffins
• Bananas
• Potato chips
• Pretzels
• French fries
• Raisins
• Dry fruits
• Bananas
• Cough drops
• Soda
• Sugary juice

Although we provide these lists, we are not saying to completely avoid or only eat these foods. All food is good in moderation. We just ask that you are cautious of what you are eating and brush and floss your teeth after you consume a sugary substance. If you would like to know more about caring for your smile by eating the right foods, call our office today. We are delighted to help you reach your diet and oral health goals!