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This can be a difficult question as each person’s situation is different. Shopping by price can get you lower quality. The proper question is “what is the best price I can get on the highest quality.” In dentistry you have a wide difference in training, skill and expertise. You also have a wide choice in quality. For example an implant from the top companies in the industry is far superior in design, manufacturing and durability. Implants from some fly by night manufacturer will defiantly be cheaper but also can come with poor design, manufacturing and doomed to failure.

How do you know what you’re getting?

My advice is to go to a dentist with a lot of experience that uses the very best materials and does the entire procedure from start to finish.

Remember there are several components to the final Implant tooth depending on where the tooth is different components may be needed for your particular case. The bone level, consistency and density are also a major factor.

So if after that you still want a ball park estimate on a single replacement tooth using the best materials and technique by a highly skilled implantologist that does the entire procedure himself then let’s say around $3598.00 for an average case.

Your case could be more depending on the situation your case presents.