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Do you have crooked teeth that you wish you could fix discreetly? Is your smile slightly out of alignment, but you fear you’re too old for an alignment treatment to correct the problem? Not to worry, as the Invisalign® orthodontic clear aligner system is designed for most ages and can allow you to have your teeth straightened comfortably and discreetly.

Invisalign aligners come with a plethora of benefits. One of the key benefits of Invisalign is their ability to blend in seamlessly with your smile. They are made of a patented thermoplastic material that allows the aligner to stay clear and nearly invisible to the naked eye. This also means there are no uncomfortable wires or brackets to deal with.

Invisalign aligners are also removable. This means you can enjoy all the foods that you’ve come to know and love. With zero food restrictions, you simply only need to pop out your Invisalign aligners before meals and remember to place them back in once you are finished

Bad bites and misalignments can be treated with the help of Invisalign and our licensed professionals at Simpson Dental PLLC. If you need a dentist in Charleston, West Virginia, you can book an appointment with Dr. Mark Simpson at our dentist office by contacting us at 304-342-6162. We can help you choose the right service for a brighter smile!