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Are you familiar with teenage dentistry and the risks that come with it? If you routinely find your smile at risk for dental damage, you may want to seek out various treatment options to help keep your smile safe. This is especially true during your teen years when your teeth are often at their most vulnerable.

During your teen years, you could be at risk for peer pressure influences including the use of mouth jewelry. Through the use of mouth jewelry such as lip or tongue rings, you may find yourself placing products in your smile that can lead to chipped teeth, pose as choking hazards or even lead to oral inflammation, infections and nerve damage. To combat these risks, exercise caution with any mouth jewelry products you may be using or eliminate them entirely from your life.

Be aware that many teens often partake in combat sports. Although sports can be beneficial for your physical and mental health, they can lead to problems with your oral health. Even a single significant strike or blow to your face can knock out several teeth and damage your jaw for decades to come. To help limit the effects of blunt trauma, always wear safety equipment such as helmets or mouth guards.

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