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West Virginia is famous for its coal, tourism and as it turns out, dental tourism. You may have heard of people heading south of the US border for dental work. Well, as it turns out, the United States Embassy in Mexico as well as the US Department of State has issued travel advisories for many areas of Mexico. US government employees are prohibited from traveling to several resort tours in Mexico.

Mexico has few regulations over dentists and there are no FDA, OSHA, ADA, or continuing education requirements. Dentistry may be cheaper but there are also issues. So where can you go to get high quality dental care at a good cost? Consider West Virginia. One dental practice, Simpson Dental Associates in Charleston, caters to patients dental needs from destinations throughout the United States and even overseas.

“For more than 70 years we have been providing state of the art full mouth rehabilitation to patients from all over,” says Dr. Mark Simpson of Simpson Dental Associates, “since the introduction of our implant program some 37 years ago. Our most asked for procedure is Implant Supported Teeth in a Day.”

As you might have expected, to deliver this state of the art care requires extensive, advanced training of doctors and staff including their facility that has the most advanced dental technology available today.

Dr. Simpson states, “We made a commitment to have a solution for those patients with the most compromised dental situations. With the internet, people seem to be able to find us even from very far away. It is truly an honor and pleasure to serve those that need us the most. We love West Virginia and are so happy to be able to deliver such a high quality of care that it attracts patients from all over the United States and beyond.”