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There are a number of various kinds of braces, but all work on the same simple principle. They all work by slowly and subtly stretching out the ligaments that hold your teeth in the socket. Over the course of time, this can give you a straight smile.

Braces are commonly used to correct alignment or crowding issues that occur when primary teeth are replaced by permanent teeth. This could be a result of the teeth being replaced at different intervals or a result of a tooth being extracted in childhood because of severe tooth decay.

A prevalent under or overbite, known as malocclusion, occurs when the upper or lower jaw is aligned unevenly from the other. Not only can this impair the ability to chew food and affect your appearance, but it can also lead to chips and fractures.

The severity of the alignment issue will directly influence the number of adjustment sessions that your orthodontist, Drs. Mark Simpson, will need to perform to achieve your ideal smile.

If you have alignment issues with your teeth, you should strongly consider calling Simpson Dental PLLC at 304-342-6162 to see how braces in Charleston, West Virginia, can improve you smile.