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At Simpson Dental Associates, we do it every day!

Are implant supported teeth in one day really an option? Absolutely, at  Simpson Dental Associates, we do it every day. Let me explain how and  why it works. Implants are positioned into the bone and over time, the  bone fuses to the implant. This is called osseointegration. When the  implant is first put in the bone it has “primary stability”. When you  connect 4-6 implants together, they are supported by each other. This  greatly increases the primary stability by “splinting” the implants  together. This allows you to immediately load implants that have been  splinted together. Keep in mind that the minimum number of implants that  we immediately load is 4 in the lower jaw and 6 in the upper jaw. The  reason for that is the bone is much denser in the lower jaw than the  upper jaw. At Simpson Dental Associates, we have been providing these  services since 1981. Why don’t all dentists do this? It takes special  training and very good lab support to provide these services.

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